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Earthquake Response

The earthquakes that struck Nepal in April & May 2015 caused a terrible loss of life and devastated much of the country.

earthquake-response-linkAs well as the capital, many rural and remote villages were hit badly.

Homes were damaged or destroyed and in a number of regions, NAFA supported projects such as schools and health clinics were also hit badly.

NAFA is resolved to help these poorer communities rebuild their basic infrastructure.

In June 2015, with the help of the Nepalese Association of Queensland (NAQ) and other like-minded NGOs NAFA responded to the immediate needs of earthquake victims by providing roofing tin to over 1,200 households in the Dhading (plus rice), as well as to approximately 100 families in NAFA supported villages located in Solu Khumbu and Okhaldhunga districts. Assistance was also provided to the 30 families of sponsored students in Thimi, near Kathmandu. Altogether $95,500, including $37,000 from NAQ, was allocated to four initial responses to the earthquake, including the provision of medical supplies, roofing tin, rice and tents for earthquake victims.

In December 2015, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed with the Nepalese Government Department of Education (DoE) to rebuild a total of 48 classrooms in the following villages:

Dhading district:  Ladap (8); Tawal (15); Kutal (8); and Richet (6)
Solu Khumbu:     Kophu (3)
Okhaldhunga:     Patle (3);
Dolakha:              Shyama (5)

NAFA has also committed to fund the repair of classrooms and/or toilet blocks in the following villages:

Okhaldhunga:     Dhupersurke and Patle
Dolakha:             Shyama
Sindulpulchowk: Kodari and Jalkeni

Finally, NAFA has also committed to fund the rebuild or repair of the following remote village infrastructure in the Ri VDC of the Dhading district:

  • Duchene – rebuild agricultural cooperative infrastructure
  • Tawal area health clinic (servicing 5 villages) – rebuild health clinic

Prior to the commencement of rebuilding scheduled in November 2016, NAFA is also funding two seven day earthquake resistant training programs for local builders in Tawal (Dhading district) and Shyama (Dolakha district).

Please make a donation to NAFA to help the people of Nepal.


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