education projects with nafaEducation is a key priority area for NAFA.
Our aim is to improve educational infrastructure in remote villages, increase opportunities for participation in education through sponsorship and provide early childhood education and care.
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health projects by nafaNAFA has a strong track record in supporting health-related projects in Nepal.
Our first funded project in 1991 was the funding of a remote cataract surgery eye clinics conducted by the Tilganga eye hospital in Kathmandu. NAFA has funded these clinics annually ever since.
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Community Development

community development with nafaSince 1998 NAFA has assisted a number of villages in the Ri local government area (Dhading district north-west of Kathmandu) with small scale development projects. These projects are carried out in partnership with the Hilly Region Development Club …

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Remote Village Infrastructure

remote village infrastructure with nafaIn addition to the education and health priorities, NAFA also supports other remote infrastructure in selected villages, including water infrastructure, micro-hydro electricity, improved cooking stoves, bio-gas, solar panels, agricultural cooperative infrastructure and oil/grinding mills.
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Earthquake Response

earthquake-response-linkThe earthquakes that struck Nepal in April & May 2015 caused a terrible loss of life and devastated much of the country.
As well as the capital, many rural and remote villages were hit badly.
Homes were damaged or destroyed and in a number of regions, NAFA supported projects such as schools and health clinics were also hit badly.

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Project Archives

project archives nafaNAFA has been involved in projects in Nepal since its founding in 1989

Since its inception, NAFA has funded over 110 one-off projects and 16 multi-year programs in Nepal to a total value in excess of $1 million.
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