In the past nine months NAFA has helped nine remote villages across five districts in Nepal rebuild or substantially repair their schools after the devastating earthquakes in April and May 2015.

Recently constructed Shyama classrooms

The first phase of the rebuild is completed. We are very proud of local builders’ achievements under very difficult conditions, in the following villages: Dhurpisurke and Patle (Okaldhunga district), Kophu (Solu Khumbu), Shyama (Dolakha), Jitpur (Sindulpulchowk) and Tawal, Kutal, Richet and Ladap (Dhading).

Approximately $500,000 has been allocated to rebuild or substantially repair 60 classrooms in the nine schools. Classrooms having to be completely rebuilt were designed by a Nepalese Engineer to be earthquake resistant in accordance with Nepali government regulations.

Ladap finished July 16 2017

In addition to allocating funds for the actual rebuilds, NAFA also allocated nearly $15,000 to help two remote schools purchase additional land for their schools and to clear and excavate that land in preparation for building. Finally, $30,000 was provided for local builders to undertake a seven day earthquake resistant building training program and to employ a Nepali engineer full-time for 5-6 months in each of the two geographical areas of construction, to oversee the first phase of the rebuild.

NAFA has made great strides in its rebuilding program, after allocating nearly $100,000 towards roofing tin, rice and medical supplies in our initial response to the earthquakes. It has taken courage, trust, expertise both in Nepal and in Australia, determination, and the collective generosity of many donors. Of course a little luck along the way also helps!

The light is at the end of the tunnel and NAFA salutes its dedicated supporters. You have made it possible to complete this first phase of our rebuild commitments.

Thank you all!

Rod Setterlund OAM