Personal fundraising to help disadvantaged people in Nepal

 YOU can make a positive difference to disadvantaged people in Nepal by organising your own fundraiser.

All money raised will be sent to Nepal and you and your team will be advised which projects will benefit.

Inside the micro hydro powerhouse

Inside the micro hydro powerhouse

Some ideas are:

  • Sponsorship for your athletic activities
  • A raffle at work
  • Become our EBay co-ordinator
  • Challenge your friends to give up chocolate or coffee for a month and donate their savings
  • Invite NAFA to have a stall at one of your functions
  • Raffle tickets for ‘My Personal Help’ where you provide the prize, such as offering to wash a car or mow lawns for the winner. There are endless possibilities.


We welcome new ideas and input by anyone interested in helping to raise funds for our aid work in Nepal.

If you have any suggestions contact us and share your ideas.

Our Fundraising Heroes

Click on the images below to find out more about our Fundraising Heroes

concer kitchen
backtrack hike
garage sale for nafa
brenda buying for nafa market stalls
circle dance for nafa
jewellery for nafa
debbie leigh for nafa
the everest mob
scarves for nepal
books for nepal
100 k hike
sunsuper grant for nafa
climb for children of nepal