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NAFA is an entirely volunteer-run, Australia-based international aid organisation that has supported education, health, disability, childcare and economic development projects in Nepal since it was formed in 1989.

In 2020, NAFA allocated $78,202 towards eleven ongoing education, health, disability and child care programs. NAFA also allocated $13,902 to purchase Covid-19 personal protective equipment, supplies and provide additional support e.g. food packages for six NAFA funded partners, a school and local community in Thimi, people with a disability in Pokhara and an organisation supporting front-line health workers.

Significantly, NAFA has partnered with three like-minded philanthropists, who have contributed $62,691 in support of NAFA projects in Nepal that focussed on the development and sustainability of an agricultural cooperative supporting farmers in five remote villages.



End of Year Appeal – 2023 Earthquake

Emergency Relief for Pregnant Women and Newborns in Jajarkot District

How can we possibly forget the devastating earthquakes that struck Nepal in April and May 2015. Close to 9,000 people died and over 20,000 seriously injured, thousand of houses were completely destroyed and some entire villages were flattened; many world heritage sites were severely damaged or destroyed. Whilst the economic loss was huge, it was of the course the human tragedy and lasting social effects that has caused so much misery.

At midnight on 3rd November 2023, another strong earthquake struck Nepal in the districts of Jajarkot and Rukum, a region which lies some 500km west of Kathmandu. Although the regions affected are less populated than the areas hit eight years ago, this was the deadliest earthquake to hit Nepal since 2015. Due to the extreme remoteness of the affected areas, the impact of the earthquake is yet to be completely understood, but current reports indicate that 154 people died; half of that number being children. Most homes have been damaged, along with schools, health centres and much of the infrastructure.

NAFA has not worked in this region before but we are intent on finding a way to help. With so many families now homeless, and with the winter months already upon them, the people are desperate for assistance of every kind. NAFA committed to establishing connections in the area so that we could find a meaningful way to help. Bijaya Rajbhandari is our project Champion in Nepal and he is familiar with the region; having lived and worked there for a number of years in the delivery of aid and development.

We have been focussing our efforts on looking for a suitable health based project, something that will fit well with NAFA’s established operating principles and of course ensuring that 100% of funds donated to this cause will reach the beneficiaries.

Young pregnant women, and mothers with young children are known to be suffering terribly. Having lost their homes and all their possessions, they are unable to keep themselves and their babies warm. They do not have access to sufficient protection from the cold or nutritional to support themselves and the babies.

Our Appeal to you is simple; to help us provide aid packages to pregnant women and mothers with young babies:

  • A thermal mat to provide insulation form the cold ground
  • Two warm shawls, one for the mother and one for her baby
  • A small pressure cooker to prepare food
  • A flask to keep boiled water warm and available
  • A quantity of simple local foods such as Shatu and Kwati, which are highly nutritious and easily prepared in a small pressure cooker.

Bijaya is in discussion with an international charitable organisation, which is much like NAFA, and which has relevant aid experience and connections in this region. However, whilst we work on finding and fostering a suitable partnership, we must raise the money to provide for these mothers.

The above package can be sourced and packaged in Nepal for approximately $68 per mother, including transportation and coordinated distribution. Our exisiting goal of $20,000 will provide for 300 such packages for desperate mothers and their babies.

Please take some time to review two Nepali Newspaper articles. These articles that emphasise the plight of the women and children at greatest risk from the lack of shelter, warm clothing and the barest necessities to prepare nutritious food for themselves and their young children.

The Kathmandu Post tells of the huge challenge in saving pregnant women and newborns from the cold.

Republica tells of the tragic death of a young child in Jajarkot, from extreme cold and pneumonia.

Please give what you can afford, generously if possible:

  • $70 will provide immediate, potentially life-saving support, to a pregnant mother or to a mother and her newborn child
  • $210 will provide for three mothers and their babies
  • $500 can keep seven mothers and their babies safe at this desperate time.

Please help NAFA to raise $20,000 towards helping these impoverished women and their children survive the winter after another devastating earthquake.

The above photos are credited to various photographers for the Kathmandu Post.

Since its inception, NAFA has funded projects in Nepal to a total value of $2,645,683 to 31 December 2020.   Most notably, this includes $937,664 to NAFA’s initial and rebuilding responses to the devastating earthquakes that struck Nepal in April and May 2015.  More recently, NAFA has allocated $13,092 towards the ongoing provision of Covid-19 personal protective equipment/supplies and emergency provisions to particularly disadvantaged members of the community.