NAFA is excited to share this video message prepared by Shovana Rai, Executive Board member and head nurse for Sungava Home in Kathmandu. Sungava Home aims to provide both residential and day care for young women with intellectual disability. Services include the provision of health care, life skills training and both educational and vocational training tailored to individual disability and learning capacity.

NAFA began supporting the operation of Sungava in early 2019. Whilst the home has been forced to close under Covid-19 government restrictions, the teachers have continued to provide support for the young women, through online contact and home visits. This is risky as Covid-19 infection rates are exploding in Kathmandu. Since the video was prepared, one of the teachers has contracted Covid-19 and has had to self-isolate. Thankfully the teacher has recovered but, understandably, there remains fear in a country with inadequate health services, especially for the poor.