In this post we are delighted to share some insightful updates in the form of two videos and a written report presented to you by NAFA’s partners and beneficiaries in Nepal.

Bijaya Rajbhandari – NAFA’s volunteer Coordinator in Nepal.

Bijaya provides a particularly insightful overview of how Covid-19 has impacted Nepal. In his video Bijaya makes specific reference to the effect on education, particularly for students in rural and remote villages; a message reinforced by the second video below.

Bishuka Tamang – Student from Tawal

A Grade 10 student brings you her unique message from the Tawal hub school which serves five remote hill villages. Bishuka Tamang’s charming and engaging video epitomises the enthusiasm and energy with which the young people of Nepal approach educational opportunity. In her brisk presentation Bishuka talks about the impact of Covid-19, not only on her own school, but on those in all of Nepal’s remote villages.

Surendra Prajapati – Founding Principal of the VSN School in Thimi and Charter President of the Rotary Club of Thimi.

The attached report report details the Covid-19 related assistance provided by VSN and the local Rotary to the school, the local community and to Patle a village in eastern Nepal. Additionally, Surendra’s report provides details of the responses by a coalition of donors, initiated by VSN school and the Rotary Club in Thimi.

Click here to open the report: COVID-19 Newsletter – Surendra Prajapati