In Nepal, the death toll is increasing and life in general is becoming ever more difficult. By mid November there had been over 200,000 confirmed cases, with the infection rate more than doubling each month. The death toll has already exceeded 1,000 with a third of those in the more densely populated Kathmandu valley.

The government imposed a lockdown for nearly 6 months but was forced to reopen as more and more people ran out of food after either losing their job or not being able to sell their goods in the marketplace. The international tourist industry has come to a grinding halt, with the lowest paid workers such as guides, porters, and hospitality staff losing their incomes. The shutdown meant that many families were facing starvation.

NAFA responded swiftly to the Covid-19 emergency in Nepal by providing personal protective equipment (PPE) and sanitising supplies to our funded partners. This provision of materials and supplies to provide basic protective measures has been important and greatly appreciated. However, the danger is far from over and we know that we need to continue to provide support and funding … ‘we need to do more’.

This video comes from Govinda Pahari, Director of the Butterfly Foundation in Pokhara. Govinda provides an overview of the impact of the virus in Nepal and how the Foundation has prioritised the distribution of aid packages to people with a disability. It is a powerful report by a deeply passionate man with a long history of helping the disadvantaged in the community, including the establishment of two childcare centres and assisting those affected by the 2015 earthquakes. Since 2006 NAFA has provided funding towards the costs of running the two child care centres.