A second year affected by Covid we had hoped for a return to normality but again no annual fundraising dinner, only a couple of market stalls and no visits to Nepal by NAFA executive officers. However, like 2020, we were still able to continue to support our Nepali funded partners through Covid, fund our core projects in Nepal and allocate funds to complete the rebuild of classrooms of another village primary school impacted by the 2015 earthquake.

Our priorities in 2021 included further provision of personal protective equipment and supplies, as well as additional allocations to Surendra in Thimi and Govinda in Pokhara to support their efforts to provide additional Covid-19 related assistance to the most disadvantaged in their respective communities.  Another priority was to ensure we met our ongoing education, childcare and health program commitments. We were able to achieve both these priorities through the continued generosity of NAFA supporters and our guarantee that 100% of donations go directly to Nepal.

Read the 2021 President’s Report for a full update on the year’s progress : 2021 NAFA President’s Report