This project is a part of the re-establishment of the Pasang Chowk Agricultural Co-operative following the 2015 Gorkha earthquake, funded by a grant from the English Family Foundation. Ten women were given higher value jamuna goats with the objective of improving family incomes from the sale and rearing of goats. A second evaluation will be undertaken to assess the progress of the goat breeding and to compile a record of sales of goats.

The main findings are:

1. The majority of goats had not produced kids yet; three goats were pregnant and due to give birth in 2 -3 months time.

2. All women knew the commodity value of the goats.

3. Collecting grass feed for the goats was an issue during dry season as the women had to walk long distances to gather grass. The possibility of the Co-op investing in irrigation facilities to water and grow grass closer to the village is currently being considered for funding by NAFA.

4. The next goat breeding trainer should be from the local area and the training simplified as the women have no formal education and found it difficult to understand certain aspects of the last workshop.

Read the Interim Report on Tawal Goat Project – Report by Avalon Wood (UQ Social Work Student) under supervision of Dr Deborah Setterlund

Photographs below Bimala Tamang (Left) and Kanchho Tamang (Right) with their goats.