•  Designed and administered by Ms Bimila Prajapati
  •  Supervision and write-up by Dr Deborah Setterlund (NAFA Research Officer)
  •  Interviewer: Ms Bimila Prajapati
  •  Interpreter: Beg Tamang
  • Prepared for NAFA, Hilly Region Development Club (HRDC), and Tawal community
  •  Special thanks to all those who participated

Beg Tamang (senior health worker), Bimila Prajapati (volunteer) and Lilla-Maya Tamang (health worker) at Tawal health clinic.

January 2013

A small scale social and health survey of Tawal villagers was carried out by Ms Bimila Prajapati in November-December 2012.

Ms Prajapati was sponsored by NAFA at VSN School Thimi, and then through FEAT (Further Education and Training) program. She completed her final exams in a health assistant course and volunteered to accompany NAFA members to Tawal to gain some direct experience of community life in a remote area village.

The main aims of the survey were to obtain information from villagers on:

  • Use of traditional cooking stove and wood collection practices.
  • Problems associated with use of traditional cooking stoves.
  • The impact of electricity availability on everyday life.
  • Access to clean water and toilets.
  • Sources of health information.

To read the complete report, including outcomes, click on  TAWAL VILLAGE HEALTH SURVEY Nov 2012