FullSizeRenderEvery two years the Non-Resident Nepali Association of Australia awards the prestigious Friend of Nepal to a worthwhile candidate who has made a significant contribution in helping the people of Nepal.

This year Sanchita Koirala and Nirmala Pandeya presented Stewart Jones with the

2015 NRNA Friend of Nepal Award

Stew has been a NAFA member since the mid 1990s and has served on the committee since 2011     Stew is a great team member and his contribution to NAFA and Nepal has included:

  • sharing the Event Coordination position with Peter Brockett, which includes planning for NAFA’s two major fundraising events each year, the dinner and Nepal in the Park.
  • Identifying important areas for improvement such as a shift in focus for Nepal in the Park into an event that had a more cultural focus, ensuring the sustainability of that important fundraiser for NAFA.
  • being an active member of the application assessment subcommittee
  • working tirelessly and providing intellectual rigour on other sub-committees including NAFA’s community development work in the Tawal area
  • actively contributing to review and development of significant policy, procedure and correspondence documents.

All NAFA members wish to acknowledge the work Stew does for the association and and congratulate him on receiving this prestigious award.