Celebrating the new school roof

Location: Okhaldunga district, 4 days walk from airport village of Phaplu or roadhead of Jiri
Partner: Shree Patale Lower Secondary School
Beneficiaries:  200 students
Objective: Purchase galvanized iron roofing material for 6 classrooms (Repair of old roofs for Grades 3-5 and roofing materials for the new classrooms Grades 6-8)
Details:  The school applied for government funding to build three classrooms two years ago, but only received funding for two.  They wanted to build the three classrooms but needed funds for the roofing iron (villagers to supply the labour).
They also need to replace the roofing iron on three of the existing classrooms.
Local children will be able to attend these three grades instead of walking 4 hours to the nearest school. Request for funds = 45,000 Nrps = $900.   Villagers will provide the labour to fix the roofing iron on the classrooms.
Outcomes :  This application was approved at the March 2009 meeting and the funds were sent to Nepal through the Joy Foundation. The materials were purchased by the villagers from Okhaldunga town and carried to the school.  In February 2010 a group of NAFA members visited the village and were impressed with the work that was complete in the new section of the school and the reroofing of the old. The teachers advised this would ensure more children carried on with their schooling to year 8 rather than dropping out due to the long walk to the other school.