The penstock brings water to the powerhouse


to the Lumsa community for their determination and hard work in completing their micro hydro project in 7 months.  The community were very determined to bring electricity to their village, they took out personal and business loans to help raise the money for this project.  Only after these monies were raised were they able to obtain funding from the rural development NGO REMREC to begin the project.



Electricity is brought to the houses


Eighty households participated in the work, sharing the volunteer labour to carry the materials and equipment needed to the site.  Part of a hillside forest has to be cleared for the penstock pipe and half a kilometre of headrace cannels dug to bring the water from the source.  Some of the Lumsa electricity committee took time away from their trekking jobs to source, plan and complete this project.


Lighting makes all the difference

Khili Sherpa said after the project was completed and the electricity has been connected to her home – ‘now that I have light it seems that before at night I was walking around with my eyes shut’.  Yangi Sherpa said that she was now able to watch the children doing their homework while preparing dinner and would be saving money on kerosene which she used for lighting.