Thank you to all our generous donors who have supported this appeal by donations totalling $4600.  The Lumsa community were very grateful for this added help and send their thanks and best wishes to everyone in NAFA.  This has helped them reduce their business loan and made it easier for them to address their personal loans which they took out to complete this project.  They also thank NAFA for their  initial donation of $5000 in May 2011.

Appeal for funding for

the building of micro-hydro project in

remote village of Lumsa in Solu Khumbu

11.5 kW Micro-hydropower

It is hard work without machinery

NAFA is seeking donations from individuals or companies to provide financial assistance for a micro-hydropower project that would provide electricity for the entire village of Lumsa (109 households) as well as to the school that services the village and surrounding area.

Currently some households use kerosene, candles or dry cell batteries for lighting while others only have the light from their cooking fires.  Not only will the micro hydropower allow the households to save money on their current use of expensive alternatives but it will give the adults an opportunity to do chores around the home and the children can complete their homework and study.  By providing better lighting in the home it will help prevent mishaps like burns or house fires and other household accidents.

Villagers provide volunteer labour to complete the project

The electricity would facilitate the development of the village and help break the continuous cycle of poverty. Currently the potential renewable energy resource of the stream flowing near the village is being wasted instead of being used for the betterment of the village and the global environment.

The total estimated cost to construct the system is approximately $72,000.  A subsidy of approximately $36,500 from Denmark/Norway (through the Nepalese Government Alternative Energy Promotion Centre) and the local DDC/VDC has been approved. The local community has raised $17,700 and has committed to contributing approximately $6,000 in volunteer labour and materials.

Building the micro-hydro generator housing

The Lumsa community committee has obtained a loan for the balance of $11,800 from a trekking agency in Kathmandu which they have to repay.  Villagers will also have to pay a connection fee and a monthly tariff to ensure the sustainability of the system once it is up and running.

At this stage NAFA has approved $5,000 towards this project and we are seeking donations big or small to help the villagers to repay the loan.