NAFA executive members, Ross and Brenda Hazelwood, Deborah and Rod Setterlund, and member Kylie Gilbert are in Nepal continuing to monitor and support NAFA projects. Recent highlights include:

  • Two new classrooms at Kophu were inaugurated by Kylie Gilbert during a large and colourful ceremony organised by the village and school. The classrooms are near completion and will be finished in time for Kylie and her mother’s return visit in April.
  • Meetings with Kophu school and community representatives were conducted and additional assistance was requested for the school with the funds to come from Kylie’s climb funds. Kophu also completed an application for books from Room to Read and these will be delivered by Kylie and her Mother in April.

The Mulkarka residents gave us a warm welcome and Lohsar party to thank NAFA for our assistance with their water infrastructure implementation and repairs.

  • In 2009 Patale village received funds from NAFA for solar lights and water pipes for houses, and new roofing for the school. During this visit members were able to observe and talk to the residents and school teachers on the difference this had made to their lives.  Many residents said that the solar “had turned their night into day”, and the water taps near to their houses meant they did not have to walk 1hr to get water up to 7 times a day.
  • Room to Read books were given to the Patale school library and a brief introduction on how to set up a library and look after the books was given to the teachers by Deborah and Brenda.
  • Meetings with Patale school and village representatives identified the need for school toilets and skylights in the very dark school rooms.  They also advised the need for a community health post; however further discussion on this has to be conducted between the community and the local government before they make a formal application to NAFA.
  • In Kophu and Patale over 500 jumpers and beanies were distributed by the NAFA members to the children in both schools. Prior to this jumpers had been distributed to the children at Lapsephedi school, orphanages and Butterfly Child Care crèches. Also 90 jumpers and beanies were sent with a social worker who teaches in the very remote and cold district of  Dolpa.   Thanks to the people who brought the bags of jumpers to Nepal in their luggage, over 900 jumpers and beanies were distributed.
  • Follow up on the Teacher training that was conducted at VSN Thimi for 10 rural teachers and 10 VSN teachers.  During our visit to Tawal and the schools in that area, Kophu in Solu Khumbu and Lumsa & Patale in Okhaldunga we met the teachers who attended the program and noted that some had implemented the course ideas and others had not due to lack of local resources. New resources were given to the teachers and follow up meetings were held. The written feedback received at end of the course was
    all positive which justified NAFA/VSN holding this first course.
  • The Lapsephedi school submitted an application for a drinking water supply to their school from a nearby spring.  Funds were allocated by NAFA and after two months work by the community and teachers, this new supply was completed. NAFA members were happy to visit the school and see how well this work was done and officially open this new benefit for the children.