Small solar panels give enough energy for two lights at night

Location: Okhaldunga district, 4 days walk from the airport village of Phaplu or the roadhead at Jiri
Partner:  Patale Village Development Committee
Beneficiaries:  69 adults + 48 children
Objective:  Solar lighting for 12 houses
Details:  NAFA members visited the village in January 2009 and the community submitted an application to fund the installation of solar panels to those houses who could contribute towards the panels.  The villagers advised the benefits as reduction of accidents and burns for women while cooking, reduction of people tripping over and bumping into things in the dark and providing the children the ability to complete their school homework in the evenings.  Currently they use kerosene lights or torch batteries which are very expensive for these farmer families and there is a disposabl roblem with batteries.
Solar panels = 2 lights for 8 hours.  One panel per house. Each household contributed 30% of the cost by borrowing money and paying back later by selling an animal if necessary
Cost being NPR17,000 ($340 each) x 12 = 204,000 Nrps ($4,080) less 84,000 contribution by villagers to cost of the panels = 120,000 Nrps = $2,400.
Outcomes: This application was approved at the March 2009 meeting and funds sent to Nepal through the Joy Foundation.  The villagers came to Kathmandu to purchase all the equipment and due to a Government subsidy were able to get better panels and lights than previously sought. In February 2010 a group of NAFA members visited the village and were impressed with the work that was completed and how the homes at night were much brighter and easier for the villagers to work and the children to do their school work.  One woman commented – “we have turned night into day.”