Location: Jumpers and beanies distributed to a range of locations in Nepal, including a carpet factory, childrens home, two child care centres, disability services and remote villages.

Date: ongoing

Objective: To provide warm jumpers and beanies to disadvantaged children and adults in Nepal, who rarely would be able to afford new garments.

Outcomes: Regular supply of jumpers and beanies to children and adults in Nepal. For example, in 2006 NAFA sent 265 kilos to Nepal = 763 jumpers and 932 beanies.

Details: NAFA knitters are a group of mainly women who knit beautiful and colourful jumpers and beanies for disadvantaged children in Nepal. NAFA members take the jumpers to Nepal when travelling there. Both Thai Airways and Singapore Airlines have assisted this project by giving NAFA members 10 kg additional baggage allowance.
Over the years the woollen garments have been delivered to: two creches in Pokhara supported by NAFA; children at PA Nepal; women and children under 5 years in the Women’s prison in Kathmandu; children at carpet factories in Thimi; children at the remote village of Tawal; children in a disability centre in Thimi and adults in a disability school at Thimi.

When in Nepal in 2006 – 2007 Brenda Hazelwood, who coordinates the NAFA Knitters project, was asked to teach the children at PA Nepal how to knit. By the time she left Nepal she had a knitting group of 35 children, mainly girls, but including four boys were very interested to learn.  The children were aged between 8 and 16 and after learning the basic skills they made a range of items from the first teddy to scarves, headbands, purses, shoulder bags, pencil bags belts and some clothes for the teddy.  Such was their enthusiasm that they knitted their way through 7 kilos of wool!

See latest pictures of children with our knitted items.