A grade 9 student who aspires to be a teacher does work experience at Thimi School

FEAT for YOUTH is a further education and training program which aims to improve employment opportunities for students in NAFA and JOY supported projects, who are nearing school completion. Students from Prisoners Assistance (PA) Nepal, Tawal school, Vinayak Shiksha Niketan (VSN) School (Thimi), and young people with disabilities will be involved. These students need help to overcome obstacles to finding employment, such as family poverty, remote area living, separation from family, and physical disability.

FEAT activities focus on building the student’s self esteem, confidence and support networks, and providing work skills training and further education, to help them to find jobs and achieve their potential.

VSN students visiting Tilganga Eye Centre

FEAT activities include:

  • Work place visits and work experience.
  • Vocational Training and workplace training/apprenticeships.
  • Further post SLC education ie college in Nepal.
  • Training in leadership skills, job seeking skills and effective work habits.
  • Peer and adult mentoring.




PA Nepal students research technical training opportunities

We need your help with:

  • One-off or ongoing financial donations earmarked to the program.
  • Industry supported donations (eg nurses providing funds for student’s nursing training).
  • Individual or organisational sponsorship of a student with an outstanding academic record, talent or determination to succeed in a particular occupation/profession.
  • Using personal and work networks to interest individuals or groups in supporting the program.
  • Innovative ideas for training, or about industry trends etc which could be used in Nepal.
Download: Feat for Youth brochure