Bringing water to the school

Location: Kavre district (next district east of Kathmandu valley)
Date:  July 2010
Partner: Shree Deupur Primary School, Nayagau
Beneficiaries: 200 students and teachers
Objective:  Water infrastructure project to bring water from a higher spring to a tap stand in the school which at present has no water.
Details:  The school applied for funds A$1,516 to complete this project.   A NAFA member went to the village to assess the application and gave a favourable report.
Outcomes:  The application was approved at the NAFA meeting July 2010 for the purchase and laying of these pipes and construction of a tap stand.  A group of NAFA members and executive officers visited the project in January 2011. The project was assessed as successful, pending some small issues to be corrected by the villagers. NAFA members have now revisited the school in November 2011 and were pleased to see all issues have been resolved.