Dr Detlev Gueck and his patient

Location: Tawal

Date: 24 November – 1 December 2011

Partner: Dr Detlev Gueck, a German eye doctor, Sangye, Manager of the Medicine Buddha Health Clinic and another monk from the Kopan Monastery

Beneficiaries: 12 schools and 13 villages (Tawal, Tawal Besi, Duchene, Ladap, Kichet, Richet, Tajumrang, Ri, Gumba, Choke, Kutal, Salleri and Syaktali) in the Ri VDC.

Objective: To assess a person’s vision, treat infection and prescribe/fit glasses brought by Dr Gueck from Germany. Details: NAFA supported Dr Gueck by providing him and his assistants from Kopan monastery free transport, accommodation and meals for the 8 day camp (including 2.5 travel days). Apart from the invitations sent out to the 12 schools a community service announcement on the Dhading FM radio station attracted others from other VDCs, some of who walked over 6 hours to get to the camps.

Trying out spectacles

Outcomes: Nearly 1,100 people registered and seen by Dr Gueck, with 250-300 sets of glasses issued free of charge. Eye drops provided to all who attended the camp. Dr Gueck reported a higher incidence of cataracts than he had previously experienced in his camps in Asia and India. This is largely due to the smoke in the homes, from the wood fires / stoves used.