Keshab from NAHOH conducting primary ear care

Location: Kathmandu, Tawal village and VSN School, Thimi.

Date: From January 2010, with initial approval period of three years.

Partner: Local NGO Nepal Association Hard of Hearing (NAHOH, which provides education regarding hearing difficulties, primary ear care screening and treatment services to people in Nepal.

1. To deliver primary ear care and hearing services to disadvantaged people throughout Nepal by providing clinics, hearing assessment, education regarding prevention of hearing difficulties, and hearing devices.
2. To support the work of NAHOH through subsidy of office rent, training of NAHOH staff and supply of audiology equipment.

Working in the field – Tawal

Outcomes: As of September 2011, the HearingNEPAL team have made two visits to the remote village of Tawal where they conducted a primary ear care clinic for 450 school children and provided hearing assessments, hearing aids, listening devices and specialist ENT referrals, for adults. Primary ear care clinics, hearing assessments and treatment have been provided for students at VSN School, Thimi and for adults in the Thimi community. At Tawal, the senior health worker Beg has been trained in the use of hearing medical equipment left with the health clinic to provide preventative, assessment, primary treatment and follow up service.

Keshab is trained in using lastest ear care technology

Details: Sue and Lew Tuck from Whitsunday Hearing initiated HearingNEPAL in conjunction with NAFA and NAHOH. Activities undertaken in conjunction with NAFA focus on supporting NAHOH to deliver valued primary ear care services in schools and other organizations and continuing hearing testing and fitting of hearing aids when needed. Lew and Sue will travel to Nepal on a regular basis to: review progress of individuals fitted with hearing devices, work with NAHOH to provide hearing assessment and primary ear care camps, and assess and assist new clients. HearingNEPAL also provides services to other areas of Nepal e.g. Solu Khumbu and the Tsum Valley in addition to its NAFA targeted areas.

Please see HearingNEPAL website: for details of particular activities in different areas of Nepal.