NAFA has been supporting the Tamang people in a remote mountain area with co-operative initiatives in health, education and infrastructure projects for many years.

NAFA Tawal Health Clinic. Above left -NAFA Health workers Beg Bahadur Tamang and Sunita Tamang suturing wounds. Above right – Patient resting with saline drip during treatment. .
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Project Update

Thanks to the generorsity of 5 wonderful supporters, we now have ongoing donations which will cover the project costs for the next 3 years. These donations will enable NAFA to increase the health worker’s salaries and provide training and resources when needed. The health workers and the people of Tawal and surrounding villages are extremely appreciative of the fact that NAFA funding and support makes access to a health service possible. An initial evaluation of this project shows that it is meeting the aim of improving the health of local people through good quality prevention and treatment.