High altitude fuel efficient stove

Location: Lumsa, Gernapur, Mulkarka and Narjing villages – Solu Khumbu

Date: 2013

Beneficiaries:  173 households / 665 people

Objective: To install fuel efficient high altitude stoves


Cooking at an open fire, Mulkarka Solu Khumbu



Details:  The communities applied to NAFA for assistance in purchasing these metallic  stoves.  These stoves burn wood more efficiently than the open fires they traditionally use.  This will help them to reduce their firewood consumption.  The stoves have a built-in chimney which helps to keep the room smoke free and reduce chest and eye infections.


This is a daily chore for some villagers

Outcome:  The applications were approved by NAFA and the villagers ordered the quantities they required from a Government approved supplier in Kathmandu.  All stoves have now been installed and we have had reports that they are working well and the rooms are significantly less smoky.  NAFA members will check on these in early 2015 and report on their effectiveness in the home.