for the month of JULY 2012

VSN students visiting Tilganga Eye Centre

Help Change the Lives of MORE Young People in Nepal!

THANK YOU! We raised over $6,500 from the last 2 challenges to provide 2 nursing scholarships.

Now we need $4,000 to help more students study nursing or health-related courses.

Improve your health for one month, and help us improve the health of thousands of Nepalis through health education scholarships

Agreni is studying pharmacology

HOW? For the month of July…

Replace a bad habit with a good one

Exercise more, stress less

Give up caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, sweets, takeaways

Create personal time – turn off TV, computers, Facebook etc

Then, to make you feel even better,

make a tax-deductible donation to NAFA.

for more information contact Helen or Ph 38820028.