Update:  Thanks to everyone who supported this challenge in June 2011

we raised $3500


For the month of June 2011

and change the lives of young people in Nepal!

Want to feel really great? Last year we raised enough money to offer a nursing scholarship for a dedicated Nepali student. We want to do it again!


Starting 1 June 2011 for just one month do something different to improve your overall health. Then, to make you feel even better, make a donation to NAFA to provide a scholarship to a second talented but disadvantaged student in Nepal.

Consider increasing your exercise – a daily walk or walk an extra few blocks a day, find some new cycling paths, get a friend or family member to join you! Or give up little luxuries such as your morning coffee, alcohol, sweets, chocolates, takeaways or dining out; restrict your TV viewing, or free up some ‘me time’ some other way to meditate or just ‘be’. Consider your financial health – restrict non-essential spending such as on clothes, lottery tickets, or even using your credit card for x days!

Our aim is to raise $4,000 every cent you  donate will help us meet this target, and it’s tax-deductible!


Download a participation form here. Register your name and challenge with Helen Zada on helenzed@internode.on.net or 07 3882 0028