Students overjoyed with their first exposure to colourful illustrated storybooks

NAFA is seeking individuals or groups who could commit to sponsor a teacher in the remote village of Tawal, Nepal at the current subsidised rate of AUS $3,200 per year (current at 2010) over a three year period.

(Part sponsorship would also be welcomed)

Science equipment for high school students

Your donation will help pay the salary of Deepak Pandy, the Science teacher at Tawal, who is currently being sponsored by NAFA from its general fundraising efforts until the Nepalese government is able to fund more teachers in remote villages.

Employing Deepak at the local school encourages up to 35 children to remain in Tawal in the higher classes of 8, 9 and 10 where they otherwise would have to walk up to 3 hours a day to access the nearest school with a science teacher.

Deepak displaying the first science equipment at the school

Please contact Rod or Deb Setterlund or ph 33661826 if you are interested in helping with this project aimed at benefiting rural children in Nepal

Download a full report here for further information