Location:  Ramechap district (one day walk from Jiri village roadhead)
Date:  January 2011
Partner:  Shree Setidebi Primary School, Shyama -7 Bhirkharka, Dolakha
Beneficiaries: 225 students and teaching staff
Objective: Construction of school toilets and reroofing of existing school building
Details: This school had old unusable toilets and the students were using the nearby bush as a toilet which was not hygienic.  The main school building needed reroofing due to age and deterioration. They applied to NAFA for funds of  A$2,963.00 for these 2 projects.
Outcomes: NAFA members visited the school in January 2011 and assessed the application. It was found that the school was in need of new toilets and the school roof was rusted with numerous holes causing problems during the rainy season.  The members reported back to the committee and the application was approved.

NAFA members will revisit the school in January 2012 to assess the completed work.