Location: Lower Solu Khumbu, 3 day walk from the airport village of Phaplu
Date:  May 2010
Partner: Champa Devi New Lumsa Primary School
Beneficiaries: 75 students
Objective: To construct library shelving and tables for library and to provide Room to Read library books – 50,000 rupees
Details: School submitted application in March 2010 for assistance to construct a library
Outcomes:  The application was approved by the NAFA committee and members visited the school in January 2011. The library was officially opened and the curious children quickly filled all the room.  NAFA members showed the children how to use and care for the new library books.  Their reading skills were tested and although this is a remote village their understanding of English was quite good. For most children in this village English would be their third language after Sherpa and Nepali.