Community water tap

Location:  Dhading district ( 1 day jeep drive & 1.5 day walk from main roadhead town of Dhading)
Date:  July 2010
Partner: Hilly Region Development Club, Tawal Besi village
Beneficiaries: 50 households and 1 school in the village of Tawal Besi
Objective: Water infrastructure (new pipe/water flow & new tap stands) for a large area below village of Tawal
Details: The water supply for the village of Tawal Besi had virtually stopped and this was shown to NAFA members when they visited in  January 2010.
Outcomes: The project involved laying pipes and constructing 4 reserve tanks and 7 tap stands over this spread-out village. The completed project was visited in November 2011 and was found to be well constructed and greatly appreciated by villagers.