Water infrastructure Kodari

2016-11-01T17:47:08+10:00April 24th, 2014|

The Griffin family at the school water tap, Kodari Location: Kodari – Sindhupalchok district Date:  2013 Partner: Shree Singa Devi Primary School Beneficiaries:  105 students in Grades 1 to 5 and 15 households in nearby village.  Objective: To bring drinking water to the village and school from a spring 2 hours walk [...]

Kadambas classrooms

2016-10-31T17:44:04+10:00March 24th, 2014|

Location: Kadambas, Sindhupalchok district Date:  2013 Partner: Shree Golma Devi Secondary School Beneficiaries:  325 students from Kadambas village area. Objective: To construct 2 classrooms for class 9/10 optional studies and new library Details:  The school applied for funding to build 2 classrooms to allow the students of year 9 and 10 to split up [...]

Jalkeni pre school building

2016-10-31T17:44:54+10:00March 24th, 2014|

  The old dairy building used as a pre school Location: Jalkeni, Sindhulpalchok district Date: 2013 Partner:  Shree Gyan Kunja Primary School, Jalkeni Objective:  Construction of 2 classrooms for nursery to grade 1 Beneficiaries: 150 students from village of Jalkeni Three new classrooms       Details: The community purchased [...]

High altitude fuel efficient stoves – Solu Khumbu

2016-10-31T17:47:19+10:00March 24th, 2014|

High altitude fuel efficient stove Location: Lumsa, Gernapur, Mulkarka and Narjing villages - Solu Khumbu Date: 2013 Beneficiaries:  173 households / 665 people Objective: To install fuel efficient high altitude stoves   Cooking at an open fire, Mulkarka Solu Khumbu     Details:  The communities applied to NAFA for assistance in [...]

Micro Hydro Project – Dimel and Juge

2016-10-31T17:50:19+10:00March 24th, 2014|

A warm welcome by the community Location: Dimil, Solu Khumbu Date: 2013 Partner: Pike Khola Micro Hydro project, Dimil Beneficiaries:  450 people in 67 houses in the villages of Dimil and Juge. Objective: To install a 7 Kw micro hydro system in the village of Dimil which would produce power for 2 [...]

Water Infrastructure Chhermading

2016-10-31T17:51:58+10:00March 22nd, 2014|

Location: Chhermading Okhaldunga Date: 2013 Partner: The Himali Lali Gurans Youth Club,  Chhermading Beneficiaries: 200 people from 35 households and students from the local school. Objective:  Construct water/surge tanks and relay pipe for better water supply. Details:  This village had problems with their original water supply and applied to NAFA for assistance to build [...]

Lumsa Micro Hydro Project

2016-10-31T23:07:28+10:00February 1st, 2012|

Lumsa micro hydro worksite Location:  Lower Solu Khumbu district, 2 days walk from Salleri village Date: January 2012 Partner: Lumsa village and Lumsa Micro Hydro Steering Committee Beneficiaries:  109 households/ appx 500 residents Objective: To complete a micro hydro system to bring electricity to all houses in the village. Wiring up the [...]

Lumsa Micro Hydro Project complete

2016-10-31T23:08:25+10:00January 25th, 2012|

The penstock brings water to the powerhouse CONGRATULATIONS to the Lumsa community for their determination and hard work in completing their micro hydro project in 7 months.  The community were very determined to bring electricity to their village, they took out personal and business loans to help raise the money for this [...]

Construct 3 school toilets Patale Okhaldunga

2016-11-01T17:51:50+10:00November 18th, 2011|

Location: Okhaldunga district, 3 days walk from Salleri village in the Lower Solu Khumbu Date:  July 2010 Partner: Shree Patale Lower Secondary School, Patale Beneficiaries: 200 students and teaching staff Objective: Construct 3 school toilets (girls, boys and staff) Details: There were no toilets at this school for over 200 children and school staff.  They were [...]

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