Crowd Funding Tawal Health Clinic

Nafa fundraising for Tawal

NAFA supporter, Dr Graham Solley, examines a child in the temporary centre (tent) at Tawal. He was very impressed with the health workers but was deeply concerned with the conditions they are working under.

Many thanks to all our generous donors and supporters – we have raised $29,600 through our Crowdfunding campaign, bringing the total raised including previous donations to approximately $53,500, which was our budget for purchasing land and rebuilding the centre.

After a long period of negotiation with prospective sellers of land owned by their families in most cases for generations, suitable, centrally located land that is safe from landslide risk has now been purchased and construction of the new health clinic will likely get underway in December, after the site has been excavated and prepared during the current monsoon season.

Further updates will be posted in this section as the rebuild of the Tawal health centre progresses.

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