Welcome to NAFA

NAFA was formed in 1989 after the 30 volunteers from the Nepalese pavilion at Expo 88 wanted to help underprivileged people in Nepal and form friendships with the small Nepalese community in Brisbane. Today NAFA’s membership includes the original founders, people who have enjoyed visiting Nepal and many members of the Nepali community.

Since its inception, NAFA has funded nearly 130 projects in Nepal to a total value of $1,680,409 to 31 December 2016, including $575,000 to NAFA’s initial and rebuilding responses to the devastating earthquakes that struck Nepal in April and May 2015.

The focus for 2018 fundraising is to complete NAFA’s earthquake rebuilding commitments in nine remote villages      Read more…

NAFA wishes to acknowledge the generous grant of $4,431 received in December 2016 from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund

 Crowd Funding 2018

COMMITTEE MEMBER Rick Parkes aged 74 is walking 817 km on CAMINO NORTE to raise funds for Children in Tawal Nepal for education and health.  


In 2017 NAFA responded to Nepal’s earthquakes by providing  

* $178,500 for rebuild/repair projects in nine remote villages. Total of $772,000 since 2015.

* $63,800 allocated to education sponsorship for 87 students.

* $15,000 allocated to teachers’ salaries.

* $10,000 allocated to childcare centres.

* $23,500 allocated to 6 health projects, including salaries for 3 health workers in a remote health centre, primary hearing care, a remote cataract eye clinic and a women’s personal hygiene project.

 * $18,600 major philanthropic donations for a plant/tree nursery for reforestation + capital for a cooperative savings bank.